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How I Carve A Spoon Part 3

Part three is the exciting conclusion of this series on spoon carving—the finishing process. There are three kinds of woodworkers—those who don’t have a card scrap, those who have a scrape and think they know how to use it, and those who have a scrape and know how to use it.  I know this because I have been all […]

How I Carve A Spoon Part 2

In this week’s installment of the spoon carving picture narrative, we will look at the tools and methods I use to transform the initial chunky wooden block into a spoon with some sex appeal. Remember it’s all about curves, and a successful transition between the thick and thin parts is what makes the spoon interesting […]

How I Carve A Spoon Part 1

There are a lot of different ways to carve a spoon. The methods I use are determined by the desired forms I’m looking for, my knowledge of woodworking, and what tools I have available to me. I try to use as many human powered tools as I can, but sometimes resort to using power tools, […]

The New Ghetto Workshop

This has been the season of the toolbox. The woodworking world is buzzing about the subject after the recent release and then re-release of Christopher Schwarz book The Anarchist’s Tool Chest. Its a great read and I was lucky to have found it at the beginning of my woodworking endeavors. Schwarz’s book proposes that a […]

Butcher Block for a Friend

May 3, 2012 Hi all, this is the first post of my woodworking blog. I’ve been a serious woodworker for the last 3 years. The reason I’m making the decision to start a blog is to first and foremost is to educate people about what it means to be a woodworker in a society that […]