Marketing, the bane of my existence or a necessary evil in a capitalist society.

I’m happiest in the wood shop, sharpening, planning, cutting, carving and even spending an hour this morning scraping the resin off my table saw blade arm deep in pitch remover. I am not happiest however spending any amount of time in front of the computer trying to market my wares for sale and profit. I do how ever need money to run the shop, cause wood isn’t free and spoons don’t just make themselves so its nice when the checks start rolling in and ends can be meet. To make marketing more fun for myself I do try to come up with clever marketing copy with lots of adjectives. I do have a lot to say about what I do but trying to describe a spoon beyond “its good for stirring” can be a challenge. Below are two examples of just such pitches. You of course can check out my shop in person at The Simple Spoon

Etsy Post #1

Medium sized round headed spoon inspired by mid-century Scandinavian design. Made from 5/4 black walnut these dark chocolate beauties will quickly become the king of the cook top. With their unconventional design they will also stand out as exceptional serving spoons alone or as a pair.

$25 each

Etsy Post #2

If I could make quality anymore affordable I would, I promise. Until I get that figured out here is a collection of great spoons at an affordable price. Get um while supplies last. These spoons have all the integrity of their larger cousins and at 10 ½ inches in length and boast of a ½ inch scooping bowl they will satisfy all your stirring needs. Based on the American standard my mom always cooked with (you know the flat paddle with a skinny dowel of a handle) has been beefed up creating a spoon that will be instantly familiar to your hand and stunningly durable.

$20 each



  1. photos are great and your etsy copy is solid!

  2. Andrea Estrada · · Reply

    Beautiful work!

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