The Woodwright School and the Moravian Workbench

This summer I had the opportunity to take the Moravian Workbench class with Will Myers at the Woodwright school.  Two things happened last summer that made this possible. I got married and turned 40. For my 40th birthday my wife organized a fund raiser through family and friends to make this week possible. This was with out a doubt the best birthday present I’ve ever received, if not for anything else than for the chance to meet my woodworking hero Roy Underhill, and I got a workbench. 

 Here’s Roy giving me a critique of my joinery skills.

The class is not something I would have registered for myself. The reasons being: one, I don’t like spending money, and two, I felt that “I can build a workbench, I don’t need a class.” And in both cases I was wrong. I had purchased the “The Workbench Design Book” and got as far as looking at the pictures. The class lead by Will Myers got me the workbench I’ve always wanted. Will’s instruction was excellent and the materials prep he did made the class an amazing bargain. I could have built this workbench by myself… But I wouldn’t have had a bench this good with out Will’s help.


It looks so fancy that it posed for pictures.

In class we finished the legs, stretchers, and most of the side vice. At home I built the tool tray, cleaned up, add dog holes, and installed a end vice. I finished it with a coat of shellac and paste wax. No finish on the bench top. I choose schllac just because it’s a finish I haven’t used and I wanted to try it. 

At the Woodwright school, Will Myers is at the bench cleaning up a tenon.

The Moravian bench is designed to be portable, and it is, but adding this tail vice weighed it down a bit. Check out Will Myers blog for more info on his tail vice design. 

Here I am at the school boring a hole.

I meet so many wonderful like minded people and got to spend a week geeking out on woodworking. In closing I want to acknowledge “The Tool Store”. If ever you are in Pittsboro NC, don’t miss checking out this shop. Stop in and say hi to the proprietor and all around great guy Ed Lebetkin.



  1. Rich Meyer · · Reply


    Way to go! I can tell from the pictures that your joints are much prettier than mine – I definitely need more practice! Hope to have my bench done soon as well. Take care.

    Rich Meyer

  2. Son of a Bench!!

  3. Sylvain Ward · · Reply

    Good job Erik … Lots of good memories!!
    I’ll have to grab a beer some time and look trough your blog.

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